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Ikshkile, Ikshtile, Ikšķile, Ilukst (Yiddish), Üexküll, Illuxt (German). 56°50' N 24°30' E , 17.1 miles ESE of Rīga. The municipality was formed in 2009 by merging Bārta parish, Gavieze parish, Grobiņa parish, Medze parish and Grobiņa town the administrative centre being Grobiņa.

Ikskile was the center of ancient Livonia. The word Ikskile (or the German Üxküll, Uexküll) comes from the (Finno-ugrian) Livonian word ükskül (yksikylä in Finnish). Ükskül (üks = one, kül = village) means village number one, one village or The Village. [March 2009]

CEMETERY: On the other bank of the River Daugava. Take the road P 85 from Riga, through Kekava up to Daugmale and continue to the road sign "Naves sala". Turn turn left to the next road sign to "Naves sala" and continue up to the river. Cross the river on the boat (guide and boat rent - Juris Ivans, mobile phone: 9294309). 

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