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Alternate names: Grobiņa [Latv], Grobin [גרובין-Yid, Гробин-Rus, Ger, Pol], Gruobinia [Lith], Grobinya, Gerobin. 56°33' N, 21°10' E , 6 miles ENE of Liepāja (Libau). 

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Grobiņa in western Latvia, 11 km east of Liepāja was founded by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. Some ruins of their castle are still visible. The town was granted its charter in 1695. Excavations from Finnish presence are present.

New Cemetery: dated from early 20th century. Go 4 km from the city toward Barta, then 1.4 km on the left in a forest up to the cemetery Limbiki and then 600 m behind a cemetery in a forest.

Old Cemetery: Located opposite house at Park Street 3. Dates from 19th century.

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