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Alternate names: Dundaga [Latv], Dondangen [Ger], Dundagas, Dundange. 57°31' N, 22°21' E , 40 miles NNE of Kuldīga (Goldingen), 31 miles ENE of Ventspils (Windau), 21 miles NNW of Talsi (Talsen). 1935 Jewish population: 15.

MASS GRAVE on Ciekuri farm. no signs. Take the road from Riga to Talsi for 120km, then to Dundaga for 34 km, and from Dundaga to Ciekuri for 7km to Mazirbe. The site is 100m to the right.

MASS GRAVE of Jaundundagai Camp Victims. Near the city hospital (driving toward Niveja) is a white cross marking the burial site of soldiers. Around the nearby bushes is a burial site of Jews from the Jaundundaga Concentration Camp.

MASS GRAVE of Alakste Camp Victims. The mass grave is located in in the forest near "Mednieki". no signs. Go 5 km from Dundaga to the ruins of the former Berhold's house "Mednieki". In front of the house, go into the forest approximately 1-2 km.

MASS GRAVE near Ratnieki: Drive toward Dundaga and take the road to Gibzdi (Vetspils) for 30m. The grave is in the forest between "Ratnieki" and "Vecupes". In the forest near "Ratnieki" is a road sign marking the site.

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