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Alternate names: Auce [Latv], Autz [Ger], Oitz [Yid], Aucė [Lith], Auc [Pol], Alt-Autz, Alt-Oytch, Autse, Ауце (Альт-Ауц) [Rus].. Region: Courland at 56°28' N, 22°53' E, 34 miles WSW of Jelgava (Mitau), 4 miles north of the Lithuanian border. 1935 Jewish population was 147. [March 2009]

AUCE MUNICIPAL CEMETERY (Jewish section): The early 20th century Jewish cemetery portion of the municipal cemetery 'Jaunie Lacakalna kapi' is about one kilometer after the railroad tracks at the end of Kapsetas Street.

Only about 10 to 15 tombstones remain; the rest were destroyed in this site located near the Christian cemetery. Source: Aleksandrs Feigmanis, Kahovkas 2-12 LV-1021, Riga, Latvia. See burial list All Latvia Cemetery List [March 2009]

  • See Burial list. [January 2011]

MASS GRAVE: In Putna Forest and dating from July 11, 1941. Take road P104 from Auce toward Lielauce. Turn right onto the forest road after passing the WWI German military cemetery. In approximately 150m, turn right into the forest. Continue straight for 20-30m. to a grave visible between two old pine trees.


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