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Alternate names: Aknīste [Latv], Aknist [Yid], Oknist [Ger], Oknista [Rus-Окниста, Pol], Aknysta [Lith], Aknista. 56°10' N, 25°45' E , 36 miles WNW of Daugavpils (Dvinsk), 22 miles S of Jēkabpils (Jakobstadt), near the Lithuanian border. Jewish population: 458. The town located near the river Dienvidsuseja was first mentioned in 1298. Town was a part of Lithuania for few centuries (17th century until when the 20th century Lithuania exchanged Akniste for Palanga.)

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    465 pp. $50.00. Latvian language version, page 453.
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  •  memorial photo. [January 2011]

    MASS GRAVE 1. At the Municipal Cemetery Tirgus Street entrance. Dates from July 18, 1941 with reburials in late 1940s. Jews of Akniste were shot in the forest next to the Akniste cemetery. 98% of the approximately 140 Jews in Akniste before July 18 were killed, mostly by Latvian SS units before the Germans arrived in Akniste. Krishjan Buikis lead the massacre and received the house of a victim in reward. photo of killing site. [January 2010]

    MASS GRAVE 2.  (No road signs.) Located at 9 Krasta Street behind the bath house of former house of Losovo.


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