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Alternate names: Aizpute [Latv], Hasenpoth [Ger], Gazenpot and Газенпотъ [Rus], Hazenpot [Pol], Haznpot and האַזנפאַט [Yid], Aizputė [Lith], Hasenpot, Hosenpoth, Hoznpol, Aispute, Ayzpute, Asimpute. 56°43' N, 21°36' E , 26 miles ENE of Liepāja (Libau). 1900 Jewish population: 1,170. Founded as the castle of Hasenpoth by a German Crusaders order in 1248 and granted the Magdeburg rights in 1378, from 1611-1795 was governed by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as part of the Powiat Piltynski (District of Piltene and then annexed by the Russian Empire during the Third partition of Poland. Its current name is the Lattization of the German one and officially duse since 1917.

In Courland (Latvia was then Courland and Lettland), then part of the Russian Empire. In 1914 Hasenpoth was a town of 3,500 on the Tebber River with a ruined Teutonic Knights' castle and a bishop's castle with parts of church walls dating from the 15th century. Aizpute was one of the ealiest towns with Jewish settlement. The first synagogue in Courland was built here in 1708. For more information on Courland and Aizpute/Hasenpoth and the local Jewish history, see the Courland Research Group Website of Jewish family from Aizpute. [March 2009]

Former synagogue building erected in 1752 and reconstructed in 1935 and now is an arts center at Synagogas St 2. In May 2007, a memorial plaque was placed here in memory of the more than 300 Aizpute Jews who were deported to concentration camps in 1941. photos.

MASS GRAVE: in the Misinkalna Cemetery

CEMETERY: 200 m from the end of Kalvenes Street, beyond the border of the city. Cemetery dates from the mid 17th century.

Most of the cemetery at Kalvenes St begun in the 17th century was destroyed, but about 100 tombstones remain. Many are dated from the early 1800s. Mr. Feigmanis has pictures of all remaining stones. Aleksandrs Feigmanis, Kahovkas 2-12 LV-1021, Riga, Latvia This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   See burial list All Latvia Cemetery List [March 2009] and burial list. [January 2011]

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