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American Jewish Archive, 3101 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220-2488; phone (513) 221-1875: United Synagogue Letter to the Board of Directors regarding the presence of a straw market on the premises of the Jewish cemetery in Feb. 25, 1969. Correspondence file.

According to Neveh Shalom Institute's Director Ainsley Cohen Henriques, 1998 plans existed for the cemetery site to become a memorial lawn and park with tombstones cleaned, repaired and replaced on the lawn. Corners dedicated to Jamaican Jews to be established. Source: "Jamaica Synagogue Ruins & Jewish Cemetery to be Protected, Rebuilt" in Jewish Heritage Report, a publication of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments. 123 Clarke St., Syracuse, NY 12310.

Kingston has five Jewish cemeteries in Kingston according to A Record of the Jews in Jamaica from the English Conquest to the Present Time by Jacob Andrade, published in 1941:

  • Church and North Streets, SE and SW corners (1716-1872)
  • Church and North Streets (1788-1795)
  • Elletsen Road near Windward Road (1798-1882)
  • Hunts Bay Cemetery: (Spanish Town) The oldest cemetery, primarily Sephardic, may be restored somewhat. [Graves date from 1672: Abraham Gabay.] This also was sold to the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, the government body responsible for heritage and for which I have been privileged to serve as the Chairman for the past six years. Therefore, I should have something say but via the Neveh Shalom Institute that now raises funds for this. If you ever want, we would be happy to arrange a tour of these sites for a group or groups. Source: Ainsley Henriques.
    The old Jewish Cemetery at 1 Hunt's Bay in St. Andrew, is an important landmark in the history of Jamaica as it is the oldest denominational cemetery on the island and is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Western' Hemisphere - Jamaica National Heritage Trust website [June 2008] - For additional information - see website at

  • Photo from Facebook page

  • Orange Street and Calabar Road (1822 to the present)
  • Neveh Shalom Cemetery: Nevah Shalom (a.k.a. Dwelling Place of Peace) was one of the first synagogues built in Spanish Town, Jamaica during the 17th century. There were two synagogues in Spanish Town, the Sephardi K.K. Neveh Shalom (Habitation of Peace) consecrated in 1704, and the Ashkenazi K.K. Mikveh Yisrael (Hope of Israel) erected in 1796. The former was located on Monk Street and the latter on Young Street. Unions of these congregations occurred in 1844, with services now held occasionally in either. Information is available from Ernst Desouja, United Congregation of Israelites, 2A Kings Drive, Kingston 6, Jamaica, WI. The present synagogue gardens in Kingston contain a number of interesting gravestones that have been transferred from old cemetery sites. Source: Freedman, Warren. World Guide for the Jewish Traveler. NY: E.P. Dutton Inc, 1984.
    Note from Ainsley Henriques Totally, there are over 1000 graves, as Neveh Shalom was the home of the largest Jewish Congregation in the 18th century. We have most of the data at our fingertips today, including fairly large databases on Brothers Keeper. Neveh Shalom Cemetery gravestones have been recorded completely. A surveyor's plan of the graves was done before the tombstones were moved and placed on the northern boundary wall some fifty years ago [about 1950s]. The graves now cannot be identified from the remains of the bricks and stones used to create tombs. We will be able, and indeed hope, to place headstone markers for each person on the ground whilst still maintaining the tombstones on the wall in this memorial site.
  • Windward Road near Elletsen (1872-1913).
  • Cemetery restorations. [January 2010]
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