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History of Pisa Jewry: Jewish Virtual Library and Encyclopedia Judaica.

Synagogue: Via Palestro 24 on the second floor of the building. Built in 1595 and remodeled in 1785 and 1863, the synagogue also contains a mikvah, matzah oven, and archives dating back to 1660. The building belonged to the Serravallino family and was bought by the Jewish community in 1647.

Cimitero Ebraico di Pisa: Via C Cammeo 2. The site is connected to the square near the tower of Pisa. Lions of Judah perch on top of the interior gate. Source: Board of Jewish Community of Pisa, Dr. Giacomo Schinasi,  Administrator. Giurisdizione territoriale: Pisa, Lucca e Viareggio. Via Palestro, 24, 56127 Pisa (Italia).  telefono e fax:  (+ 39) [July 2005]

The Association "ALEF TAV" has opened public visits to the Monumental Jewish Cemetery of Pisa. The cemetery dates from 1674, but also contains several tombstones from the previous cemetery that date aprox between 1616 and 1690. Thousands of tombs are presently subject to study including Segfreid Kapper (physician and poet, who wrote the verse for several Brahms songs), Alessandro d'Ancona (Senator, Lord Mayor of Pisa and learned Professor of lituratiure at the University), and Carlo Cammeo (political martyr assasinated in 1921.) Further information is available from John Jarratt, Alef Tav, Pisa, Tel 050 9711383. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [August 2003]

The Jewish community of Pisa maintains the historic Jewish cemetery of our community. The partnership between community and Alef tav ended in March 2004. Jewish Community of Pisa, Comunità Ebraica di Pisa, Via Palestro 24, Pisa-Italy. Tel  050/542580. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it website. Documentary evidence reveals at least three Jewish cemeteries predating the current one. Gravestones dating to the 15-16th century from one of these cemeteries can be found at the Museo dell’Opera. See photos. [January 2009]

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