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Jewish Community: Comunita Israelitica di Milano, Via Guastalla, 19, Milan 28122; (02) 791892 [October 2001] Milan's Jewish community numbers about 12,000 in the metropolis of 1.3 million. [January 2009]
  • Cemitiere Maggiore: Via Emmanuele Jona. In 1972, a small area of the huge non-Jewish cemetery was sectioned off for Jewish burials. At that time, the graves seemed quite neglected. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it : [date?]
    • On May 16, 2006, forty Jewish gravestones were damaged, five of them completely destroyed in the Jewish section of the Via Jona cemetery late at night. The graves were overturned, though no graffiti or anti-Jewish slogans were found at the site. [January 2009]
    • Stars of David Ripped from Jewish Tombstones in Milan. By Ruth Ellen Gruber. 15 April 2013 - More than a dozen tombstones at the Jewish section of Milan's main cemetery were vandalized. Vandals tore off Stars of David decorating some 13 tombstones. Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia said he "forcefully condemned" the vandalism. "For my part, I express solidarity to the families and to the entire Jewish community," he said in a statement. "Every act of violence, every act of lack of respect, toward whatever religion or community, is a stain that must find the unanimous condemnation of the entire city." Read the original article here.

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