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Genoa (Italian Genova) is the capital of its province and of the Liguria region and is an important seaport in northern Italy. The long German occupation of the city left it with only a tiny Jewish population. [January 2009]

Genoa Jewish Community: Comunita Ebraica di Genova, Via Bertora, 6, Genoa 16122; (010) 891513 [October 2001]

Cemetery: Jewish cemetery is badly overgrown -- testimony to Genoa's WWII past -- near or in Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno on Piazzale G.B. Reasco. [January 2009]

"Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa is immense. Being a port city, it has always had a diverse population. While the majority of the internments are Catholic, within its walls are two Jewish sections (old and new), a Protestant section, an Eastern Orthodox section, a very small Muslim section, and a large British war cemetery. The Jewish community in Genoa is quite small, perhaps 300 members; it hasn't really recovered from WWII. The entry to the old section commemorate those lost in the Shoah.
The Jewish sections suffered from severe neglect for decades, however, in the past two years some restoration has begun." Facebook. Friends of Italian Monumental Sculpture. [January 2017]

Photo of the entry to the old Jewish section of Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy, from Facebook, American Friends of Italian Monumental Sculpture.

"Inscribed are the names of the victims of the holocaust. This entry was restored last year; the photo predates the restoration work." [January 2017]

This plaque is just inside the entrance to the old Jewish section of Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa, Italy. It honors the engineer Dario Lovvy, 27 years old, and Dr. Tullio Lovvy, 26 years old, brothers who died a month apart in 1917, fighting for Italy in World War I. Dario, commander of a flamethrower squad, was awarded the silver medal of valor, and Tullio, of the Aeronautical Observation corps, received the bronze medal In this photo, you will notice the flaking plaster on the walls. This, and the entire entrance structure, was just restored in the past year. Thanks to our donors, AFIMS was able to make a small contribution to help in this restoration. [October 2017]

Photo (Facebook) from old Jewish section of Staglieno Cemetery [December 2017]

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