NEVEH DEKALIM [נְוֵה דְּקָלִים] Print

Gush Katif region
This was the site of the Jewish cemetery in Gush Katif,in the Gaza Strip, prior to Israel's 2005 Gaza disengagement and the dismantling of all the Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. There had been 48 burials at the cemetery, three military and 45 civilian, including several victims of acts of terror by Palestinian extremists.

From August 29, 2005 through September 1, 2005, all 48 bodies were exhumed and re-interred, where possible, on the same day. Most of reburials took place at Jerusalem's Mount of Olives Cemetery and at a new section to the Cemetery at Moshav Nitzan, although several were elsewhere, including Rishon Lezion and Moshav Mafki'im. Not only were the bodies disinterred, but the earth around them and the tombstones as well, according to Jewish law.

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