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  • We have a very special cemetery with a Military Section, mostly Hagana and Palmah-Harel soldiers. The other part is kibbutz members and their relatives from different places. I run the kibbutz website that includes - in English the names of the soldiers buried in our Military Cemetery and DETAILS about all the 153 casualties in Hebrew. Website. Source: Hanna Klein; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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  • "The cemetery at Kiryat Anavim is in a small Wadi near the kibbutz. There is a stark difference between the shabby road that leads to the cemetery and the cemetery itself. The surrounding hills and trees envelop the area, creating the intimacy of a small hidden place. At the entrance on the right, a large fig tree looms. On the left, a small orange sign (in Hebrew) indicates that this is also a military cemetery. Members of the kibbutz care for the cemetery grounds with its impressive paths and gardens. The first plots, to the right of the entrance are those of kibbutz members. Beyond that and to the left of the main path are the rows of graves of soldiers from the Harel Brigade who fell in the battles for the roads to Jerusalem. During an 11-month period, 138 fighters were buried here." [Source with photo. Jan 2015]
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