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Burial list computerized in Hebrew. [June 2009]

http://bubble.euweb.cz/israel/haifa/haifa12.html [January 2001]

http://www.sephardicstudies.org/census_haifa.pdf [September 2002]

Ch K Kurdim, Eli Salman (Chairman), Rehov Sokolov 19, Haifa 33171. Tel: 04-867-2917, (h) 867-7246, Sde Yehoshua

Ch K Ashkenazim, Rav Yaakov Rosental (Chairman), Benny Hasa, (Manager), Rehov Herzl 63, Haifa 33212. Tel: 04-864-2405, 866-4424, 050-573-573

  • Very old: Rehov Yaffo
  • Old: Hof HaCarmel, city entrance
  • New: Next to sde Yehoshua
Chj K Sefaradim, Yitzhak Akiva (Chairman), Rehov Ahad Haam 14, Haifa 33103. Tel: 04-862-1578, 862-1910, home: 04-855-2303
  • Old: Hof HaCarmel, city entrance
  • New: Next to sde Yehoshu
Ch K North African, Yosef Shitrit (Chairman), Rehov Zevulun 3, Haifa 33217. Tel: 04-866-2610
  • Old: Hof HaCarmel, city entrance
  • New: Next to sde Yehoshua


  • Lichtenstein, Heiner. Der Ehrenhain Bei Haifa; im Ersten Weltkrieg Sind 12000 Deutsche Juden Gefallen. 1932-; Kassel: Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraeberfuersorge, 1969. p. 187 illus. 30 cm. (In Kriegsgraeberfuersorge, 45 Jahrg., no. 8, Nov. 1969) At the Leo Baeck Institute: ID # q D 639 J4 L53
  • Grayevski, Pinhas. Kever ahimv kedochei Haifa (Common grave- Haifa martyrs/victims).Jerusalem: __ 1938. 7p. (Leaflet no.135) (Hebrew); Notes: Period; 1929. 9 tbsts, (2 women). All killed during l929 events. Source: National and University Library, Jerusalem.

[SIC: Unclear as to what this refers:] Computerized from 1936. If you write them, they will send a printed copy of the burial certificate (in Hebrew). If the name is uncommon, no dates are necessary. Specifying the cemetery is unnecessary. Source: Israel Pickholtz; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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