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Local Religious Council: Meir Ben-Lulu (Chairman), Yishai Mori, (Manager), Rehov Herzl, Simtat Revaha, Beit Shemesh 99000. Tel: 02-991-1361, 02-991-2867, 050-354-378, 02-991-7169; home 02-991-1225
  • Rehov Herzl, Simtat Revaha: at entrance to the city
  • Beit Shemesh - Path of Life                 34.998         31.740
  • Bet Shemesh Cemetery - YouTube
  • Eretz Hachaim Cemetery 1-866-437-2210 - YouTube
    Many Jewish organizations, congregations, and yeshivas worldwide (including many in the United States) have secured specific areas for their members at this cemetery, as Eretz Hachaim is reputedly the only cemetery in Israel that can arrage plot reservations for individuals families, communities and organizations. Source: Webmaster - JCR-UK [June 2017]
    The United Synagogue (centered in London] has a "Find a Grave" search facility (at that enables one to search for a grave at its cemeteries and includes members buried at Eretz Hachaim. Source: Webmaster - JCR-UK [June 2017]
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