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Ashkelon Darom

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Local Religious Council: Yehudah Raviv (Chairman), P.O.B. 48, Ashkelon 78100. Tel: 08-675-0167, 675-0068, 050-322-205; home 08-637-8180

  • Advici Cemetery 2 (Old):Sh. Migdal Tzafon: Location is  31°40'18"N   34°35'36"E .  Sh.B. Yesha'ayahu Street. Ashqelon, Southern District, Israel. (31.67182,34.5935)
  • map. [Jan 2015]
    photo [Jan 2015]
    Old Cemetery (Ramat Eshkol Neighborhood)

  • Advici Cemetery 1 (New): Sh. Giv'at Zion Darom. 31°38'34"N   34°34'42"E. photo (South Ashkelon in the Givat Zion neighborhood). [Jan 2015]
  • Advici Cemetery 3: Ashkelon Chevra Kadish confirms that Rehavia Adivi, Mayor of Ashkelon (1965-1972)  created a private cemetery for family and friends in part of an orange grove not far from the Old Cemetery. To get there, pass the gate of the Old Cemetery and take a dirt road along the wall, turning right. A bit further, in the orange grove on the left, are the graves of the Adivi group, quite neglected and without fence or sign. Forty-one graves are visible but there may have been another one or two in the underbrush (doubtful.) Source: Israel Pickholtz [December 2000]
  • Ashkelon Darom
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