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For information on the now defunt Jewish community of Limerick, see Limerick on JCR-UK


  • Limerick Jewish Cemetery, Dublin Road, Castletroy, Limerick:

Limerick's small Jewish cemetery, opened in 1902, is situated in the western suburbs of the city, close to the suburbs of Newcastle and Castletroy, in the vicinity of Kilmurry (and is variouly described by reference to any of such locations). It is located just to the south of the Dublin Road, almost opposite "The Hurler" public house. The cemetery is now maintained by Limerick Civic Trust and the Limerick City Council as a small public green space. Source: David Shulman, JCR-UK Webmaster.

Mainly as a result of the efforts of Jim Kemmy, the derelict tiny Jewish cemetery at Kilmurry, Newcastle, County Limerick was restored as part of a publicly funded civic project. It is now preserved in excellent condition although it contains only six standing headstones. In 1902, the Lithuanian Jewish community purchased the land for this little cemetery. The immigrants were Hyman Graff, Barnett Graff, Solomon Jerome, Max L. Jaffe, Wolf Moizel, Benjamin Jaffe, Moses Moizel, Sidney Jaffe, Marcus Joseph Blond, David Cropman, Philip Graff, Barnett Shochett, Barnett Gould, Lewis Clein, the Rev. Mr. Levin, Marcus Greenfield, Hyman Cropman, Isaac Arinon, and Wolf Toohey. Over the years, the community dwindled in size. The cemetery fell into disrepair. Mr. Kemmy ensured that the work of the founders would not be forgotten. Mr. Jim Kemmy died in Dublin on September 25, 1997 after a short illness, aged 61. When he was elected Mayor of Limerick in 1991, he donated all of his mayoral salary to 25 local organisations. He had an interest in Jewish history and was a particularly strong opponent of anti-Semitism. Source: Niall Foley; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

[T]here is a very small Jewish cemetery in Castletroy, County Limerick in Southern Ireland. .... [T]here are 11 graves, 2 reading "Unknown Jewish Soul, buried by Limerick council". The latest burial is from about a year ago, a Jewish professor at Limerick University. The oldest is approx. 150 years ago, with a Sheimos (holy books etc.) burial from a year before the earliest human burial. ... Its only about 10 mins away by car from the University. Source R. Baddiel, August 2013.

ACCESS: Open Access, through an alleyway from the Dublin Road.


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