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International Jewish Cemetery Project - Ireland
Irish Jewish Museum: Walworth Road, Portobello. Tel. 780-822 is former Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Synagogue.
Terenure Hebrew Congregation, Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 6. Telephone: Mr. W. Stein, +353-1-4908037 [Jan 2001]
Machzikei Hadass Congregation, Rathmore Villas, Rere 77 Terenure Road North, Dublin 6. Telephone: Mr. D. Ross, +353-1-4938991 [Jan 2001]
Knesset Orach Chayim (Dublin Jewish Progressive Congregation). 7 Leicester Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin 6. Telephone:  +353-01-285-6241.  [Feb 2006]
For further Community information, see Dublin on JCR-UK

The first Jewish Synagogue in Ireland was established in 1660. By March 1890, the immigrant Jews (numbering about 700) wished to build a synagogue because they lacked adequate accommodation for religious worship and started to raise funds for the project. In March 1892, they issued an appeal to their fellow-citizens in Dublin in the following terms: "The Jews of Dublin, having always contributed to many deserving charities in the city, they now ask their fellow-citizens to reciprocate and help them in their necessity." The major newspapers supported this appeal. The Irish Times editorial of 3rd March, 1892 said: "A small community, dwelling peacefully in our midst, appeals to-day for the first time to their Christian fellow-citizens, and we readily open our columns to make their cause public... A generous response to the appeal will lighten the labour which a small number of devoted workers have undertaken for the welfare of the many." 4th March 1892 editorial followed in the Dublin Daily Express: "We think it is the bounden duty of every Christian, no matter to what denomination he may belong, to assist the Jewish community in their pious work of raising a structure worthy of their ancient religion and of completing their schools. We sincerely second them in their efforts, and we put it also upon higher grounds. It is our manifest duty to help that people, who preserved for us by their religious zeal that great Book which is the foundation of religion and virtue." Nine months later, on Sunday 4 December 1892, the synagogue at Adelaide Road, Dublin was consecrated by the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, the Very Rev. Dr. Herman Adler, Ph.D. Source: Niall Foley. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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