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Beheshtieh Tehran at Kheyaban Khorasan Cemetery: This website shows most the graveyards filmed in 2004. [September 2006]

news story about Tehran cemetery web site. "The article describes a web site that was developed by Los Angeles resident Shahram Avraham Farzan. He has cataloged the final resting place for generations of Tehran's Jewish people.  The site is indexed alphabetically and has photos of the stones.  In addition there is a video of the cemetery. For those with family connections to Iran/Persia, this could be a very useful web site" [December 2006]

Buried there is Habib Elghanian. [January 2010]

"The Jewish cemetery in the south of Tehran is evidence not only of the extremely large Jewish community living in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but also of the increasing number of Iranian Jews who have decided to emigrate. Most of the graves appear well-attended, yet then the woman groundskeeper points to the edges of the cemetery. | Here, the burial plots are overgrown and the monuments sunk deep into the ground. "Before the revolution in 1979, some 100,000 Jews lived in Iran," informs Moris Motamed, the Jewish representative in the Iranian parliament (all Iranian minorities have one or two members of parliament, depending on their size). According to Motamed, an average of 2600 Jews have emigrated annually over the past quarter century. The rich and secular tend to move to the USA, while poor and religious Jews head for Israel." Source [January 2010]

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