WABASH: Wabash County Print


http://www.rootsweb.com/~inwabash/ has general Wabash County information.

http://indianahistory.org/library/manuscripts/collection_guides/M0743.html#HISTORICAL has Jewish Community information. [September 2005]


Rodef Sholom Cemetery: At Mill St., this is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Indiana.

See: p. 170; Postal & Koppman. Jewish Tourist's Guide to U.S. Phila., PA: Jewish Publ. Soc., 1954.

Also see AJA contact form. American Jewish Archives, 3101 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220-2488. 513-221-1875 (tel); 513-221-7812 (fax). E-mail: AJA contact form: Congregation Rodef Shalem Constitution and by-laws, Feb. 9, 1890 of Congregation Rodef Shalem, Wabash, Ind., list of interments in cemetery of the congregation, Sept. 1889 - Sept. 1890, names of owners of pews in the temple, and minutes, Sept. 22, 1912 - June 154, 1940. Microfilm No. 20. (Same as Columbia City, IN.) Records of those buried in the cemetery were compiled by Ronald L. Woodward. Fort Wayne, IN.June 13, 1977. Small Collections.


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