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North Township

http://www.rootsweb.com/~inlake/ has general Lake County information.


Congregation Beth Israel history and Hammond Jewish information at http://indianahistory.org/library/manuscripts/collection_guides/M0743.html#HISTORICAL.

http://www.rootsweb.com/~inlake/obit6070.htm?o_xid=0028727949&o_lid=0028727949&o_xt=28727949 has obituary index. [September 2005]


Kneseth Israel Cemetery: AKA Hammond Jewish Cemetery. 1924.

Dating from about 1925, the grave sites remain evenly spaced, with no apparent threats of overcrowding. Vandals: no threat, even with no visible caretaker. The site is well maintained. With time comes wind, rain and snow, and on the tombstones, a once sharply engraved word here, a date there, are beginning to vanish into the flat, polished surfaces. The cemetery belongs to Congregation Beth Israel and is being indexed by three temple members and the Indiana JGS.

UPDATE: http://www.lincolnnet.net/ijgs/southtown.htm has cemetery description, burial listing recording information, and photo.[September 2005]

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