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Ohel David Synagogue and the Sasson Trust
9 Dr Ambedkar Road
Pune 411 001
Tel: 9120-26132048

also see Mumbai

Alternate name: PunaPunawadi or Punya-Nagari

"David Sassoon's Poona home, where he died in 1864 much mourned by Jews and Indians alike, was across the street from the synagogue. His sons buried him in the synagogue grounds in a fine mausoleum. The synagogue and mausoleum were visited by the President of India, Dr. Zakir Hussein, at a special Memorial Service on 10 December 1968, on the occasion of the Centenary celebration of the Sassoon General Hospitals in Poona established by the Sassoons." Source [October 2000]
"the [Ohel David] Synagogue was burned, together with the Torah Scrolls by, Iranian ruffians who broke in through a window one night [1999?] and set fire to the building. This was during the Gulf War when missiles were being fired on Israel. In the courtyard of the Synagogue, David Sassoon is buried in a little tomb. Ezra Daniel read the psalms and said the prayers for the dead."cemetery photos and photos. synagogue photos and photos and photos. The Jewish cemetery is divided into Bene israel and Bagdadi sections. The Bene Israel synagogue managed the site, but the Sasoon trustees maintained it at least as late as the 1970s. [January 2010]
Ohel David Synagogue was established in 1867 by the Sasoon family. [February 2010]
  • Poone New Jewish Cemetery: Koregaon Park. From the Poone Train Station, take a rickshaw to Koregaon Park.Bagdadi and Bene Israel Jews buried here. Well protected and fenced. photos. JOWBR burial listings. [August 2010]
  • Poone Old Jewish Cemetery: photos. From the Poone Train Station, take a rickshaw to Koregaon Park. The landmarked cemetery has three decipherable gravestones out of seven. JOWBR burial listings. [August 2010]
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