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PARUR: also see Chennamangalam

synagogue photo and restoration story and another story. cemetery photos. photos.  [January 2010]

"at the central bus stand in Parur, we boarded another bus that continued on the same route as the one we had taken from Fort Cochin that morning. We got off just two stops later, still searching for Parur's Jew Street and its Jewish synagogue. This time we found the street, but had difficulty locating the synagogue. Finally, two young men pointed to a nicely painted, securely closed building, identified it as the Parur Synagogue and reported that the guard had left for a meal and would be back at six. We took a picture, thanked them, and left without establishing the validity of their claims. (Later we learned that the nicely painted building was not the synagogue but its gatehouse; the synagogue is in the rear of the compound.) They had also identified a Jewish cemetery across the street. It too was locked. Since the heat was by now oppressive and since we needed to return to Cochin in preparation for leaving the area, we ended our searching." Source [January 2010]

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