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(formerly known as Bombay) History [February 2010]

Council of Indian Jewry
c/o The Jewish Club
Jerro Bldg., 2nd floor
137 Mahatma Gandhi Road
Mumbai 400 023.
Tel. 91 22 270 461, Fax. 91 22 274 129. [October 2000]

1896 synagogue stands on Samuel street: Shaar-Ha-Rahamim.


Baghdadi Synagogues in Bombay and Poona by Rachel  Manasseh, London [October 2000]

  • Iraqi cemetery is at Deslile Road.
  • Eliyahoo Synagogue Cemetery (Chinchpokli Cemetery): Near Chinchpokli Train Station. Chinchpokli Cemetery photos. JOWBR burial listings. Plaque at the gate states Elias David Sassoon Esqdedicated the Jewish burial ground in January 1878 in memory of his son Joseph , who died at Shanghai in China in 1863 or 1868. JOWBR burial listings. [update August 2010]
  • Nagpada Neighbourhood Road Cemetery: Neighbourhood Road. JOWBR burial listings. The cemetery is now a public garden with one gravestone from 1824. photo. [update August 2010]
  • Worli Cemetery: Located about 2.5 km from Mahalaxmi Railway Station. JOWBR burial listings. A multi-story residential building was erected on one-third of the cemetery land in which graves were destroyed. photos. Opened in 1927,  [update August 2010]
  • [UPDATE]  Muslim Makes Gravestones for Jewish Cemetery [March 2015]
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