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  • Malabari Cemetery at Mattancheri: (Survey of Jewish Monuments in India) "Recently [late 1990s] the Malabari Cemetery at Mattancheri was vandalized and encroached upon - all the tombs except one were destroyed and houses were built on the site. Two years ago there was a similar attempt to destroy the old cemetery of Ernakulam which was only turned back by the Jewish Community with great effort. There is now a concerted effort by the Corporation of Cochin to acquire a portion of the new Cemetery in Ernakulam to allow construction of a road." [August 2000]
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    "Little is left of the Malabari cemetery in Mattancherry, now located in the compound of a (non-Jewish) family house. It consists of a collection of gravestones set within a tomb-shaped concrete structure about 6'x 8', used by the family to spread out wet mats or other items to dry. This compound is on the corner of the Brown Jews' Cemetery St. and the side road that leads to the tomb of Nehemiah Ben Abraham, a revered local prophet whose tomb (early 17th century) - the last intact and well maintained remnant of the oldest Jewish cemetery in Cochin - brings worshippers of all religions to pay their respects." Source [October 2000]
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