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Caretaker is Mayors Office. [March 2009]


VILLANY: US Commission No. 000011

Alternate name: Willan (German). Villany is located in Baranya, 45°52 18°27, 126 km E.S.E. of Nagykanizsa. Present population 5,000 to 25,000, with no Jews (before WWII was 81).

  • Regional: Mazsihisz of Sip U.12, H-1075, Budapest, phone (011-361) 122-6475/78, and Izraelita Hitkozseg of Pecs Furdo utca 1, phone (72) 15881.
  • Caretaker is the local government.

The flat isolated urban site has no signs. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with no wall, nor fence, or gate. Municipal authorities occasionally clean and clear vegetation. Neolog Jewish burials were from 1887 to 1944. Some burials are from Ivanbaltyan (7 km away).

20 to 100 gravestones, all in original location with fewer than 25% broken or toppled exist. The granite and limestone finely smoothed and inscribed, obelisks, or crypt (some with traces of painting) have German and Hungarian inscriptions. There is a section for children and a memorial monument to Jewish soldiers. Protected as local monument, no known mass graves or structures exist. Size is 0.02 hectares, same size as in 1939. Presently owned by the municipality, the site is used for recreational as well as for cemetery. Adjacent properties are residential. Vegetation overgrowth is a problem. Weather erosion and vandalism are a moderate threat (was not vandalized in ten years up to 1992). During a restoration in 1991, stones were re-erected and vegetation was cleared. Occasionally cleared and cleaned now.

Survey by Peter Wirth and Peter Tamas on 1/18/92, site visited 1/17/92.

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