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Veszprém has two cemeteries. The old one is on Szél utca. Veszprém's active cemetery is at Mártírok Way 8. Hours: 8-20.00 [March 2009]


The caretaker, who lives on the grounds, maintains the cemetery and has a list of those buried there. Wollak Lasllo's address is Veszprem Zsilo Hitkozeg, 8200 Veszprem, Ovaros ter 26, Hungary 06(88)321 356 or 06(30)462 629. Source: Robert S. Kornspan, 949 Greenmont Ct., Port Orange, FL 32127; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it County:


VESZPREM (I): US Commission No. 000067

At 47°06 17°55, 100km from Budapest. Cemetery is at Martirok utja 8.

  • Responsible for site: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Veszprem Szabadsag ter 1 Ph: 8025222 and "Uj chevra Kadisa" Alapitvany of Veszprem Paal Laszlo u. 18./4; MAZSIHISZ of Sip U.12, H-1075, Budapest Phone: (011-361) 122-6475/78; Bakonyi Muzeum of Veszprem (formerly)-Lenin liget 5. Ph: 8024411 and Enekes Tibor and Veszprem Megyei Zsido of Kulturalis Egyesulet.
  • Interested: Wollak Laszlo of Veszprem Paal Laszlo u. 18.
  • Key: Enekes Tibor of Veszprem Martirok utja 8.

Established: 1896. Pillitz Chananel (died: 1806), Pillitz Joel and Hochmuth Abraham are buried here. Last known burial was 1993. Used by Hasidic Orthodox and Congressional (post-1869) Jews as well as the towns of Szentkiralyszabadja, n(15km away) and Szentgal, Varoslod etc. (15km away). The urban hillside, separate but near other cemeteries, has Jewish symbols on locked gate in broken fence. Size before WWII was 1.50 hectares, now 1.48 hectares.

500-5000 stones, all in original location with less than 25% damaged or broken, date from 1896-20th century. Removed stone locations are not known. Special sections exist for men, women, Cohanim, children, suicides, rich and recent burials. Some are unique stones; and some have metal fences around graves. Inscriptions are Hebrew, German, Hungarian. Special memorials to Holocaust Victims and Jewish soldiers exist but no known mass graves. National Jewish community own site used for cemetery and caretaker's house. Properties adjacent: recreational, commercial or industrial. Caretaker paid by MAZSIHISZ. Pre-burial house has pulpit and banks. Serious threat: security, vegetation.

Peter Wirth completed survey on 10/10/93 using M.ZS.L (Hungarian Jewish Encylcopedia); Hochmuth Abraham: A Veszremi chevra-Kadisa (1881); Kun Lajos: A Veszpremi Zsidosag multja es Jelene (1932). Other documents exist but are inaccessible. Site survey: 13/09/91. Interview: Wollak Laszlo on 10/10/93.


VESZPREM (II): US Commission No. 000066

Cemetery is on Jerusalem-Hill, next to Catholic cemetery. Present population 25,000 to 100,000 with Jewish population 100-1000 (before WWII was 850).

  • Local: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Veszprem Szabadsag ter 1 and "Uj Chevra Kadisa" of Veszprem Alapitvany Paal Laszlo utca 18. (Wollak Laszlo there may have more information.)
  • Regional: Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg, of Dob u.35, H-1075 Budapest, phone (011-361) 132-4333.
  • Interested: Bakonyi Muzeum of Veszprem and Veszprem Megyei Zsido of Kulturaus Egyesulet.

The suburban area without signs is reached by turning directly off public road. Surrounded by broken fence andunlocked with no caretaker, the local Jewish community owns it. These Hasidic Orthodox burials date from 1720 to 1896.

100 to  500 gravestones, all in original location with more than half broken or toppled include 24 stones moved to Veszprem (I). The marble, limestone, and sandstone flat-shaped, finely smoothed; inscribed stones; or flat stones with carved relief decoration have Hebrew inscriptions. No known mass graves or structures exist. Size of the cemetery is 0.30 hectares, slightly smaller than in 1939 due to new roads. Used only as a Jewish cemetery, there is no care. Vegetation overgrowth and water drainage are problems. Threats are weather erosion, pollution, and security. There has been no vandalism as of Fall 1993.

Peter Wirth completed survey on 10/25/93 and visited site 8/15/93. Documentation: M.ZS.L. (Hungary Jewish Encyclopedia); Hochmuth Abraham: A Veszpremi Chevra-Kadisa. Other documentation was inaccessible. Interview with Wollak Lsaszlo on 25/10/1993.

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