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Verpelét cemeteries oldest readable inscription dates from 1628. In 1946 nine of the 90 former resident Jews returned. The last family, the Stern family were wine traders. According to the Verpelét website of the town council, eleven Jews returned. The former synagogue is the fire department''s storage room. Hungary's only wooden synagogue [here] was torn down in 1961. [March 2009]


US Commission No. 000029
In Heyes, Hungary at 47°51 20°14, 50km from Miskolc. Cemetery is at Vasarter utca (Land record 1342 hrsz.).

  • Responsible for site: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Verpelet Kossuth u.73 Ph: 1 and Telex for above: 63262 hmtve h; Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg, of Dob u.35, H-1075 Budapest Phone: (011-361) 132-4333; Izraelita Hitkozseg of Eger Kossuth utca 21.
  • Caretaker with key: Suha Lajos of Verpelet Vasarter 6.
In 1918, Jewish properties were looted and the archives destroyed. Tannenbaum Wolf and Fischl Salamon are buried there. Established in 17th century, last known Hasidic Orthodox burial was 1939. The isolated suburban cemetery has a sign and continuous masonry wall with locked gate. Size before WWII and now 0.21 hectares. About 40 stones exist with 20 in original location and less than 25% damaged. Special sections exist for men, women, Cohanim and children. Oldest known stone is 1628. OR [sic] Used from 18th-20th century, some graves have metal fences. Inscriptions are Hebrew and Hungarian. No known mass graves. National Jewish community owns the site used for cemetery only. Properties adjacent are agricultural and residential. Boundaries are same as 1939. Caretaker paid by Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg. Erosion is serious threat. Peter Tomas and Peter Wirth completed survey on 3/11/91 using M.ZS.L. Site survey: 02/11/91 by Peter Tamas.
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