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Shtetlink with history and cemetery photos and partial burial list. "Tiszakerecseny is situated in the northeastern part of Hungary, inside the so-called embankment area, close to the right bank of the river Tisza (in the Upper-Tisza, between Tokaj --where the "wine of kings, the king of wines" is produced-- and Debrecen) in the Bereg-Tiszahat region." 1986 photo of Tiszakécske synagogue used as as a library. martyrs' memorial [February 2009]

Tiszakécske (Újkécske)synagogue, redesigned in 1983, is now the Katona József library at Kossuth Street 40.


Beit Olam - Izraelita Temeto is surrounded by a wall and is generally in a neglected state. The cemetery is in Szabolcska street.Trees and plants are growing everywhere and cover tombs. The oldest tomb dates 1865.  Amid houses, about 40 gravestones are visible. The last funeral took place in 1962. Cemetery caretaker is mayor's office. [February 2009]


US Commission No. 000007

Located in Bacs-Kiskun (also called Kecske, Ujkecske) at 46°56 20°06, 35km from Kecskemet.

  • Responsible for site: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Tiszakecske Korosi utca 2. Ph: 76 341355, Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg, of Dob u.35, H-1075 Budapest Phone: (011-361) 132-4333. No caretaker.

Established in 19th century, the last known Hasidic Orthodox burial was 1963. Tiszabog is an isolated urban area with no marker, wall, or fence. Size before WWII was 0.12 hectares, now -0.07. 100-500 stones exist with 1-20 not in original location and 25%-50% damaged. Drainage is a seasonal problem. 19th and 20th century tombstones, some with painting on stones, have Hebrew and Hungarian inscriptions but no known mass graves. Owned by the national Jewish community, the site is cemetery and residential. Boundaries are smaller than in 1939 because of housing development. Serious threat: security, vegetation.

Peter Tamas completed survey on 7/6/91. Site survey: 07/05/91.

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