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1985 photo: former Tinnye synagogue at Petőfi S. utca 10. [Feb 209]


Tinnye is a small community in Pest province about 30/35 km NNW of Budapest. The cemetery dates to the mid-1600s and is in two sections. The older one was used until about 1880 with 900 to 1000 graves. The newer section, used from about 1870 until as long as Jews still lived there, has about 300 graves. Both sections use the same entrance. The key may be obtained through the mayor of Tinnye, Mr. Bak Laszlo. I do not know the caretaker's name. The cemetery was overgrown with weeds and generally in bad condition, but was cleaned up about six [date?] years ago by a native of Tinnye who was then residing in Brooklyn, New York, and who went to Tinnye for this specific purpose. He also put a fence around the cemetery. Between each two fenceposts is a tablet with the name of a Holocaust victim. Among the persons buried there is Rabbi Rephoel Aharon Knopfler (died 1863) and several of his descendants. I have been told that the "Pinkus" of the Tinnye community is at the museum "Leveltar" in Budapest. This report is based on a conversation with the brother of the person who fixed up the cemetery, with whom I met recently. I have a picture of a new fence around this cemetery. I have copies of some of the headstones at this cemetery. Source: Arthur Levi, Longmeadow MA Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [date?]

UPDATE: Caretaker of the cemetery is the Mayor''s office. [March 2009]

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