Formerly two syangogues existed. One of them today is a museum of Greek and Roman statues. [March 2009]


The very large cemetery is very much overgrown. The chapel at the entrance evidenced recent roof and gutter replacement. The former caretaker's cottage is now occupied by non-Jews who purchased the property in the 1970's with the provision that they retain the book which shows a list of persons buried there and make it available to anyone who to ask to see it. We were told that the last burial was three years ago. Source: Robert S. Kornspan, 949 Greenmont Ct., Port Orange, FL 32127; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [date?]

The well maintained and landmarked cemetery is located next to Esterházy Castle on Kálvária Hill. Holocaust memorial was erected in 2005. Oldest tombstone dates from 1740. [March 2009]

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