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Alternate names: Tarpa [Hun], Mezötarpa. 48°06' N, 22°32' E, in NE Hungary, 39 miles ENE of Nyíregyháza, 10 miles SW of Berehove (Beregszász), near the Ukrainian border. Jewish population: 197 (in 1880), 252 (in 1944). Jews arrived in the late 18th cent., numbering 195 in 1880 and 252 in 1944 until deportation to to the ghetto at Beregszász and then Auschwitz. The Jews of Tarpa were given only two hours to prepare to move to the ghetto, which shocked their Gentile neighbors.

CEMETERY: Rakoczi Utca (off Route 4127) on the right side of the entrance to the village's main cemetery. Caretaker is mayor's office. [March 2009]

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