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US Commission No. 000031

Szűgy is located in Nograd (48°02 19°02), 5km from Balassagyarmat. Cemetery: outside the village, near the machine station (019l hrsz. land record). Present population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.

  • Local: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Szugy Rakoczi ut 28.
  • Regional: MAZSIHISZ of Sip U.12, H-1075, Budapest Phone: (011-361) 122-6475/78.
  • Interested: Barna Yanos, Szugy. No caretaker.

The pre-WWII Jewish population (census) was 32. The Jewish cemetery was established end of 19th with last known Neolog Jewish burial 1952. No other towns used this cemetery. The isolated, rural, wooded flat site has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all, via a continuous fence with an unlocked gate. Pre- and post-WWII size of cemetery is 0.18 hectares.

20-100 gravestones, 25-50% toppled or broken, date from 1890. Vegetation overgrowth is a seasonal problem. The cemetery is not divided into special sections. Marble, granite, limestone and sandstone flat shaped stones, finely smoothed and inscribed stones, flat stones with carved relief decoration or double tombstones have Hebrew and Hungarian inscriptions. The cemetery contains no known mass graves and no structures. The owner of the still-active cemetery is the national Jewish community. Adjacent properties are agricultural with boundaries as 1939. Local non-Jewish residents carried out the restoration in 1991 including re-erection of stones, vegetation cleared, repair of wall and gate. There has not been vandalism since restoration. Authorities clean or clear occasionally. Security (uncontrolled access) is serious threat, vandalism and vegetation is moderate threat.

Peter Tamas completed the survey on 7/20/91. He visited site on 18/07/91.

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