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The first Jews settled as merchants after 1750, invited by the landowners to increase marketing for their produce. Some Jews leased or bought land,.One started a distillery.The congregation belonged to Kisvarda. Their synagogue built in the second half of the 19th century had a chevra kaddisha, cheder, and a mikvah. Following WWI, Protestant and Catholic clergy incited anti-Semitism. Inter-war anti-Jewish laws forced Jewish landowners to sell their property and restricted operations of Jewish merchants. The men were forced into labor battalions. The synagogue and Jewish homes, frequently stoned, had their windows broken.In 1944, an SS group came to Szabolcsbaka and incited the local Arrow Cross to commit various atrocities including robbing Jewish homes and stores. In April 1944, the Jews were gathered in the synagogue and transported to the ghetto of Kisvarda. On May 30, they were deported with the rest of the ghetto to Auschwitz. After the war, eight returning Jews met hostile former neighbors, who would not return any of the stolen property. One Jew was murdered. The rest left the village permanently.[February 2009]


Szabolcsbáka Jewish cemetery: [March 2009]

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