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Coat of arms of Rácalmás Rácalmás is a town in Central Transdanubia on the right side of river Danube. The Name Rácalmás is derived from "a Special Tribe that Tend the Apple Orchards."Holmar Apple Tree. 47.02526°N 18.94037°E, 61 km south of Budapest.


Rácalmás cemetery caretaker is Béla Ince (Kiss Erno u. 65). [March 2009]

Restoration: restoration work to the lower part of the cemetery paid from the civil fund set up by the government during the official Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year (April 2014-April 2015). A cemetery gate was constructed, 30 gravestones were refurbished and a gravel path and overpass established. A commemorative plaque was affixed at the entrance to the cemetery. See link for photos and full information [Sept 2014]

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