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47.28438°N 19.54347°E, 26 km from Ferihegy Airport Budapest, along main road No. 4.  Inhabited in the prehistoric times, Pilist was abandoned at the end of the Roman rule and then first mentioned in 1326. Destroyed during the Ottoman rule in the 16th century, it was reestablished in 1711 by János Beleznay, local landlord, who brought Slovak settlers from Upper Hungary and built a palace in 1717. The Beleznay family sold the town and its environs  in the 19th century to the Nyári family. Situated in the area where the Gödöllő-Ceglédbercel hills meet the sandy ridge of the Danube-Tisza area, Pilis is surrounded by hills and deep valleys to the north and the Great Hungarian Plain to the south. 12,000 inhabitants. Viniculture and viticulture are prevalent. Town website. map. [September 2010]

CEMETERY: The cemetery is a "garden", but was used for a garbage dump. Most of the stones were taken by neighbors to build them into their houses. JOWBR burial listings of nine remaining gravestones. [September 2010]

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