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HFPJC Foundation renovated the cemetery. [March 2009]


US Commission No. 000052

Located outside of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, 48°13' 22°9', 5km from Kisvarda. Part of public cemetery (land record 13812.hrsz.).

  • Responsible: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Pap Kossuth ut 102 Ph: 1; Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg, of Dob u.35, H-1075 Budapest Phone: (011-361) 132-4333; Izraelita Hitkozseg of Nyiregyhaza Martirok tere 6. No caretaker or landmark.

Established in 19th century, the last known Hasidic Orthodox burial in 1942, the agricultural hillside, separate but near other cemeteries, has no sign or marker. Size before WWII and now is 0.26 hectares.

1-20 stones, some with traces of painting, have Hebrew and Hungarian inscriptions but n known mass graves. Owner is national Jewish community. Used only as cemetery. Security and erosion is serious threat.

Survey: Riczu Zoltan of Nyiregyhaza, Vasvari ut 74 on 1/11/91. Site survey: 05/09/1990 and 01/11/1991; interviews with village officials: 01/11/91 on site.

UPDATE: Entire cemetery enclosed and restored. Source: Toby Mendlowitz. Asstant Director HFPJC This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [November 2004]

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