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ONOD: 48°00' N 20°55' E. Ónod is a village in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in northeastern Hungary. There are around 2000 people living there. Ónod has a long history reflected by some of the older buildings in the town, including the castle and post carriage stopping point. Wikipedia [Apr 2014]


Ónod caretaker is Mrs. Sándorné Gyarmati (Széchenyi u. 16.). [March 2009]

Hebrew website with photo. Apri 2014: "abbi Schick was born in Onoda, Hungary, grandsons of Rabbi Koppel Reich, As he was Torah and fear of Heaven and a hefty dose of love for Israel, but through the life of Rabbi Schick was not easy though, spent many lifetimes, peace and tranquility was only the last day, even When elected to head the Council of Orthodox Rabbis Communist Hungary, he visited Israel Israel several times and thought my nose, settle, Rabbi Meir chic Zia"a


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