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A wall of this synagogue still stands. Mizrah [sic] wall and cemetery are in good condition. Caretakers are Mrs. Ödönné Krajnyák and  Zsolt Krajnyák (Belsokocsord u. 25.). Photos [March 2009]


US Commission No. 000015

Location: Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen at 48°15' 21°26', 50km from Miskolc. Cemetery is at Belsokocsord utca 27.

  • Responsible for site: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Olaszlitzka Szent Istvan ut 5, Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg, of Dob u.35, H-1075 Budapest Phone: (011-361) 132-4333, and Ortodox Tagazat.
  • Caretaker with key: Krajnyak Odonne of Olaszliszka Belsokocsord utca 25.
  • Interested: Zvi Kestenbaum of 12 Heyward St., Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Last known Bal-Sem-Tov Hasidic Orthodox burial was 1978 with earliest in 1850. The isolated hillside by water has Jewish symbols on locked gate in surrounding wall. Open to public. Size before WWII and now: 0.49 hectares.100-500 stones, 25%-50% toppled or broken, are in situ. Drainage is seasonal problem. Special sections exist for rabbis and Cohanim. The marble, limestone, or sandstone finely inscribed to plain tombstones have Hebrew and HungarianiInscriptions. No known mass graves exist. Owner is national Jewish community with same boundaries since 1939. Ohel is on grounds. Neighborhood is slum and a serious threat. Survey:

Lowry Lajos of Tokaj, rakoozi ut 41 on 11/14/91. Documentaion(s) used Ruth Gruber: Jewish Heritage Travel; Wirth: itt van elrejtve; Orban; M.Zs.L; Zemplen Zsidosaganak tortenete, Toronto, 1986. Site survey: 11/03/91.

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