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The congregation was organized in 1860 including the villages of Nyirbakta, Jako, Or, Vaja, Loranthaza, Rohod and Pusztadobos. The congregation employed a rabbi, two teachers, three melameds, and a gabbai. The congregation maintained a Chevra Kaddisha, sisterhood, charity fund, kindergarten, cheder, yeshiva, and Talmud Torah. The elementary school was of such high quality that many non-Jews sent their children there. Most Jews were merchants of in wood, leather, feathers, and foodstuffs. Jews produced vinegar, alcohol, liquor, soap and chemicals and had a mill. The Savings and Loan Bank  founded in 1897 impacted the economic life of the town. The synagogue, school, and archives burned down in the great conflagration of 1892. A few years later, the synagogue was rebuilt. Rabbi Jitzhak Tzvi Halevi Jungreisz and his son Jozsef founded the yeshiva in 1899. Fourteen members of the congregation died in military service in World War I. On April 19, 1944, the Nyirmada Jews were concentrated in the synagogue and school and on May 23 deported to Birkenau although the young and healthy ended up at Dachau. Forty survivors returned after the war. The synagogue and school survived so they acquired a gabbai and shochet. Gradually, the survivors moved away until by 1957, leaving not a single Jew in the town. [February 2009]


Cemetery: Have photographs: Lynn Golumbic; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [date?] Cemetery caretaker is Imre Barta, Honvéd utca 16.[March 2009]

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