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Nyiregyháza is 126 miles ENE of Budapest. Until 1840, settlement by Jews in main cities was illegal.The few first Jews formed no religious community until 1843 when several submitted a request to the city council and received a plot of land for a cemetery. In 1848, seventy one Jews lived in Nyiregyháza, all born in Hungary except a tobacco tax inspector from Czechoslovakia. Some took part in the 1848/49 revolutions.They had a prayer house and shokhet as part of Nagykalló Jewish community until in 1865 when they received permission from the county Chief Rabbi, Abraham Weinberger, to form their own religious community. In August, Károly Friedmann became rabbi. In 1868 they built a primary school with volunteer teachers. By 1873, fifty students attended. On April 2, 1879, they celebrated the golden anniversary of Franz Joseph by collecting twenty thousand forints for building a new temple opened on September  5,1889.[1983 photo: the courtyard facade of the synagogue] A marble memorial plaque on the wall of the entrance commemorates the contribution of Moricz Haas in building the temple. From 1872 soliciting donations within the temple could only be made for charities or organizations, the Chevra Kaddisha, and the hospital. In May 1881, Sault Lieber became cantor and was renown countrywide for the children's choir that he brought with him from Poland. See yizkor. "Nyiregyhaza" - Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Hungary [February 2009]

Jewish Cemetery: Kótai Street 4. Hours: Monday-Thursday and Sunday 10-15.00. Telephone: (30) 490-0084 [February 2009]

Jewish Cemetery: 4400, Kótaji Road 5-7, phone: 06-42-437-290.

JOWBR burial listings. [September 2010]


[UPDATE] Holocaust Monument destroyed by vandals [August 2015]

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