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1983 photo: martyrs'' memorials on the wall of the auxiliary building at Kazinczy F. utca and 1983 photo: synagogue building at Kazinczy F. utca with a martyrs' memorial in the foreground.  JewishGen Shtetlink.



Avas Hill Cemetery: Jewish Cemetery of Avas can be found on Avas Mountain on Mendikás Road. The old, closed Jewish cemetery is on Rónai street. [February 2009]

Above Miskolc from high on Avas Hill in the southern section of the city, the cemeterywas established in 1759 and is still active. In 1997, some sections were well-kempt, while others were wild. The burial register on site covers no internments prior to 1905. Burial registers for the 19th century existed in 1937 and may have been destroyed during WWII. Older graves generally are in the less well kept sections of the cemetery. Many are broken, unreadable or gone. photo, photo in 1997. photos 2005-2007 [February 2009]

The synagogue's Chazan named Spitzer showed me the way to the cemetery. The gravestones in the big cemetery are in reasonably good shape. The caretaker has a map of all graves dug since 1903. Before the Holocaust, there were 12,000 Jews in Miskolc; today there are 200. The rabbi dresses in Hasidic garb. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

I visited the Jewish cemetery of Miskolc six years ago and was surprised finding it well maintained, clean, and in good condition.The non-Jewish caretaker, employed of the municipality, was very kind helping me find my grandfather's grave in a huge ,well-organized book. But after crisscrossing the cemetery under his kind guidance for at least 2 hours, we arrived where the grave should be and found nothing. He looked very disappointed and offered to search again until he found it. I came back again four years ago when the caretaker had a day off. His son was there and helped as kindly as did his father but found nothing. Ignac Strausz, who lived at Paloczy u. 6 near the main synagogue of Miskolc that was destroyed, was head secretary of the Miskolc Chevra Kadisha and Bikur Cholim until his death in January 1941. Source: Moshe Sharon, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [September 2005]


[UPDATE] Autonom Orthodox Israelita Cemetery of Miskolc [September 2017]

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