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Jewish Cemetery: a village in Zemplén district at 48°23' 21°13' about 2.5 km away, this small Jewish cemetery in Korlat at 48°23' 21°15', 117.3 miles ENE of Budapest 47°30' 19°5', near Vizsoly. Information can be found at The present total town population is 1073 with no Jews.
Local authority: Szent János u. 155. 3888 Vizsoly, telephone: 46/387-101, fax: 46/387-101. Mayor: Bihi Miklósphone, district code: 46.
     This isolated Orthodox Jewish cemetery location on a hillside is semi - suburban with a sign in Hungarian. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with a broken fence and gate that does not lock. 20 to 100 limestone and sandstone gravestones are visible with 25% - 50% broken or toppled. Vegetation overgrowth in the cemetery is a constant problem, disturbing graves & stones. Water drainage at the cemetery is a seasonal problem. The flat shaped stones, finely smoothed and inscribed stones. and flat stones with carved relief decoration, some with iron decorations or lettering or with metal fences around graves have Hebrew, Yiddish, and Hungarian inscriptions.
     The present owner of the rarely visited cemetery property is unknown. The cemetery property is now used for Jewish cemetery use only. Properties adjacent to cemetery are residential. No care. No structures. Very serious threats are open access, no maintenance, and vegetation overgrowth.
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