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KANTORJANOSI: US Commission No. 000042
Location: Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg (47º56' 22º09'), 15km from Mateszalka. Town population: between 1,000-5,000 with fewer than 10 Jews. The Hasidic Orthodox cemetery, used exclusively by town residents, is located at Zalka Mate ut.

  • Local: Polgarmesteri Hivatal of Kantorjanosi Kossuth utca 14 Ph: 50-242.
  • Regional: Budapesti Orthodox Hitkozseg, of Dob u.35, H-1075 Budapest Phone: (011-361) 132-4333 and Izraelita Hitkozseg of Nyiregyhaza Martirok tere 6 Ph: 42 10565.
  • Interested: Gluckne, Friedmann Olga of Kantorjanosi jKossuth ut 19.
  • Caretaker: Kovacs Gyorgyne of Kantorjanosi Kossuth utca 32.
     Pre-WWII Jewish population was 213. The last known Jewish burial was 1987. The isolated urban, residential flat land has no signs or markers. Access is open directly off a public road with a gate and broken fence. Cemetery occupies 0.27 hectares. 100-500 mostly limestone finely smoothed and Hebrew inscribed tombstones, none moved and fewer than 25% toppled or broken, date from 19th and 20th centuries. No vegetation overgrownth, water drainage problems, mass graves or structures exist. The national Jewish community owns property. Boundaries are unchanged since 1939 with no known vandalism. Hungarian Jewish groups cleared vegetation and wall repairs after 1991. Caretaker is paid by MAZSIHISZ Sip U.12, H-1075, Budapest. The only known threat is weather erosion. Riczu Zoltan of Nyiregyhaza, Vasvan Pal tuca 74 completed survey on 1/11/91. There is no known documentation. Interviewed were Gluckne Friedmann Olga and Kovacs Gyorgyne.
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