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Located at: 48º29' 20º34', B.A.Z County. This village is in Aggtelek National Park.


The cemetery is above the Christian cemetery that is above the village itself. The 1100 km. long blue hiking trail mark leads to this place, just as to Giba'rt. One can see the Christian cemetery from the main road of the village so it is easy to find. The cemetery is even smaller than the one at Giba'rt. It has no wall or fence but has a gate built a couple of years ago. I was last there in 1997 and have pictures. Source: Gyorgy Vero, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UPDATE: Josvafő Cemetery is situated on hill beyond Catholic Church, adjacent to the Reformed cemetery. Tombstones are considered historical. Cemetery gates were renovated thanks in part to the Wallenberg Society. [March 2009]

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