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GYŐR Jewish Community website and yizkor. Also see Sziget cemetery. photo of the synagogue on Kossuth L. u. 5. in 1984.and photos of restored cemetery and synagogue. Synagogue on Róth Emil Street. The cemetery still in use today can be found in Gyorsziget. [February 2009]

Shtetlink. The site at  includes links to Bohemia-Moravia SIG, Denmark SIG, German-Jewish SIG, Hungary SIG and Stammbaum - German SIG. Another source of information, both in English and Hungarian. (Scroll down the page to the Gyor photos and information.) [February 2009]

JOWBR burial listings. [September 2010]

Jewish Cemetery Győr (régi temető) : Address: Temető Street 23. Hours: 9-17.00; Sunday 9-15.00. Husbands and wives are buried in the same grave. In other cases, children or other relatives are also interred in the same grave. In most cases, married women are listed under the husband's name. The ending "ne" this after the first name signals this. For example, Weisz Jozsefne, indicates the grave of Jozsef Weisz's wife. Where the name reads "Jozsef & ne", it means husband and wife are buried in the same grave. The list was compiled from old handwritten records. Every care was taken to get the names right, but because of various spellings in the records and different formats of the same name used in one family, it was difficult to be 100% correct. Also for some names, e.g. Herman David, it was difficult to determine which was the first and the surname. Source of names: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; Gyor, Hungary Jewish Cemetery: Source [date?]

SEARCH the alphabetical by family name burial list that contains the names of over 3,000 people buried in the Gyor Jewish Cemetery with the cemetery sector, row and grave number. Some husbands and wives are buried in the same grave; and in other, children or other relatives are interned in the same grave. Compiled from old hand written records, variants spellings are in the records for the same family name. [February 2009]

Győr (új temető) Jewish cemetery with graves dating back to 17th century was renovated. Most of it has recessed into the ground, but a few had been saved.[March 2009]

Patahaza Cemetery: opened in 1930 and closed in 1944. This Orthodox cemetery has about 50 graves. photos [February 2009]

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