Located at 47°28' N, 17°06' E. NW Hungary, 29 miles WSW of Győr, 28 miles ESE of Sopron, 28 miles NE of Szombathely. Jewish population: 188 (in 1880.


Jewish cemetery: Located about 15 kms S of Kupovar. A c. The 1790 cemetery and chevra kadisha building were intact in 1975, when the last Jew left town. On the chevra kadisha wall is a memorial to the people of the region who died in the Holocaust. At that time, the chevra kadisha had several items salvaged from the synagogue destroyed by the German army and the Arrow Cross. Source: Gerald Cook, Michigan: sent by Sam Gruber, US Commission. [2002?]

UPDATE: photo: the mortuary of the Jewish cemetery in 1986. This small cemetery, located within the town, was renovated in 2002, along with placing of a memorial plaque. First grave dates back to 1802. Cemetery was used by 20 nearby villages. Keys are with the mayor's office and with Mr. Lajos Kocsis (Vörösmarty u. 3.) [March 2009]

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