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Alternate names: Baktalórántháza [Hun], Lorántháza. 48°00' N, 22°05' E. Jewish population: 211 (in 1930). Gravestones in the cemetery indicate that Jews lived in this village in the first half of the 18th century as merchants, craftsmen, farmers, and millers. The congregation belonged to the rabbinate of Nyirmada and had a synagogue, cemetery, Chevra Kaddisha, and a gemilat hesed. The community supported a shocket, teacher, and gabbai. Many of the youth left for towns that had famous rabbis. Between the two wars, the Greek Orthodox priest actively incited the populace against the Jews. In 1941, 25 young men were inducted into the labour battalions. In 1944, just after Passover, the Jews were crammed into the Kisvarda ghetto. After the war, five men returned from the labor battalions and twelve women from deportation. Jews from Nagyjako also moved here. The synangogue survived the war in good condition. For a few years they continued, but later the synagogue was demolished when the community could not support it. [Feb 2009]


Jewish cemetery [Feb 2009]


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