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Coat of arms of Wiesbaden Alternate names: Wiesbaden [Ger], Schierstein. 50°05' N, 08°15' E, 19 miles W of Frankfurt am Main.

Wiesbaden is a city in SW Germany and capital of the federal state of Hesse with about 280,000 inhabitants amd about 10,000 United States military or dependents.Wiesbaden, one of the oldest spa towns in Europe, means "meadow baths," i.e. hot springs. Wikipedia. [Sept 2012]

Osteuropaisches Judentum in Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden, 1991)

Pinkas HaKehilot, Germany, Vol. 3 (1992), p. 467: "Wiesbaden"

JewishGen GerSIG

Commission for the History of the Jews in Hessen: This commission was founded in 1963 and today has over 50 members. The commission fosters research on the history of the Jewish population on the territory of today's Hessen, with a special focus on the period of the National Socialist regime. Another focus is on the research of Jewish cemeteries in Hessen. Old and historically valuable cemeteries were selected for research. They were photographed, the epigraphs copied and translated. Site plans were made for the larger cemeteries. All in all, 75 cemeteries with a total of 17,000 gravestones of deceased from approximately 320 Hessian municipalities were documented in this way. The results are currently being entered, together with the Hessian State Agency for Historical Regional Studies, into their information system LAGIS ( At present, approximately 35 cemeteries with 5,000 gravestones are accessible on the Internet. For some of the larger cemeteries there are also printed documentations available.

Address: Mosbacher Straße 55, 65187 Wiesbaden
Telephone: +49 (0) 611 8 81-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 611 8 81-1 45
E-Mail: c/o This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Until 1749, Jews from Wiesbaden were also buried in Taunusstein. Synagogue: Friedrichstr 33. Tel: 49 611-301870

1906 Jewish Encyclopedia: "German town in the province of Hesse-Nassau; capital of the former duchy of Nassau. Schenk ("Gesch. der Stadt Wiesbaden") thinks that Jews lived there in the fourteenth century...The congregation, which has greatly increased since 1866, now (1905) numbers about 1,800. Besides the main community there is the Altisraelitische Cultusgemeinde, an Orthodox congregation, with a membership of 300." See website for full information. [Sept 2-12]

"Active Museum in the Spiegelgasse for German-Jewish History in Wiesbaden". Spiegelgasse 11. This museum has an extensive specialised library and an archive. The Museum Society also looks after the city's Jewish cemeteries and memorials, such as the memorial of the former synagogue at Michelsberg in the city centre.

Paul Lazarus [Sept 2012]

Photo of Jewish cemetery. [Sept 2012]

The three Jewish cemeteries of Wiesbaden, the "Alten Jüdischen Friedhof ", the "Neuen Jüdischen Friedhof" and also the cemetery of the Orthodox "Alt-Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde" complete in one photo-documentation, covers the complete stock of gravestones in the year 2005 in high-resolution 5 Mega Pixel format with almost 2000 photo/  The old REFERENCE: Cemetery from the "Alt-Israelitische Kultusgemeinde"/ First burial 1877/ Over 370 Gravestones , the inscriptions are mainly in Hebrew writing. ISBN 3-938454-11-3. DVD-ROM, 1,6 Gigabyte Data 2000 photos. ISBN (new) 978-3-938454-11-4

1. The old Jewish cemetery of Wiesbaden     1747 - 1890

2. The new Jewish cemetery of Wiesbaden   1891 - 1945

3. The cemetery of the Orthodox "Alt-Israelitische Kultusgemeinde"

Reference: 65183-65207 Hesse (Gerz, Peters)

  1. Ot. Schierstein I:  Alten Jüdischen Friedhof
    • Schierstein is a SW borough first mentioned in historical records in 860 and incorporated into Wiesbaden in 1926 with about 10,000 residents. Situated on the Rhine River, Schierstein is known as the "Gateway to the Rheingau." Photos of Jüdische Friedhöfe in Wiesbaden-Schierstein . [Sept 2012]
  2. Ot. Biebrich
    • Biebrich is a borough of the city with over 36,000 inhabitants, the most-populated of Wiesbaden's boroughs. Located south of the city center on the Rhine River, opposite the Mainz borough of Mombach. Biebrich was an independent city until it was incorporated into Wiesbaden in 1926. [Sept 2012]
  3. Ot. Bierstadt
    • Bierstadt is a borough of Wiesbaden located in the eastern part of the city, directly east of downtown Wiesbaden with about 12,300 inhabitants. Formerly an independent municipality, the town was incorporated into Wiesbaden on April 1, 1928. While Bierstadt can be translated Beer Town, the name is actually derived from Saint Brigid of Kildare, Ireland (Birgid in German). [Sept 2012]
  4. Platterstrasse, Hellkundweg, Schoene Aussicht: Neuen Jüdischen Friedhof" - The new Jewish cemetery on the " Platter Straße ". This cemetery is open 1891 and still in use. The documentation contains all tombstones up to the year of 1945. Wiesbaden Jewish Cemetery, 1889- 1977, Jewish cemetery: tombstone images online. A fee charged.  [January 2004]

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