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Coat of arms of Wetzlar 50°33' N, 08°30' E, 31 miles NNW of Frankfurt am Main on the river Lahn and on the German Timber-Frame Road with mile upon mile of half-timbered houses. The city is known for its ancient town and its medieval cathedral. Jewish population: 210 (1880), 132 (1933).

Jewish history. "WETZLAR, city near Koblenz, Germany. Evidence for the presence of Jews in Wetzlar dates from after 1250, but Jews probably settled there as early as 1200. Although in 1265 Archbishop Werner of Mainz promised to protect the Jews of Wetzlar, toward the end of the century they were among those Jews accompanying R. *Meir b. Baruch of Rothenburg in his attempted emigration from Germany. A Judengasse (see *Jewish Quarter) in Wetzlar dates from 1292; a synagogue was established by 1318. Both Jews and Christians acted as moneylenders ..." Encyclopedia. DP Camp information. [Sept 2012]

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CEMETERY: 35576, 35578 Hesse (Gerz, Peters)

  • Old Cemetery: Karl-Keller-Ring. Alter Friedhof, Bergstraße, 35578 Wetzlar. 52 gravestones; used from 1714-1900. Source: Kommission fuer die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen submitted by Harmut Heinemann of the Commission. [map] photo and map. photo. [Sept 2012]
  • New Cemetery: Bergstr.
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