MICHELSTADT: 64720 HesseĀ (Gerz)
Gemarkung Am Judenberg, opposite the stadium; over 7000 sqm; 125 (partially) legible gravestones; used ca.1700-1948.Cemetery was badly damaged Nov. 1938. Among others, the gravestone of R.Seckel Loeb Wormser (Baal-Schem von Michelstadt) was destroyed and replaced after the war. The town maintains cemetery.
BOOK: Die Juden in Michelstadt 1658-1942,by Martin Schmall. 2nd ed. Michelstadt: Stadt Michelstadt 1982, 72+12 pp. Brief description and photographs of cemetery, pp. 61-69; contains a list of Jews who lived in Michelstadt during the 1920s and 1930s.